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This site was started by people who are just like you. They wanted clear, impartial information and they wanted to know their rights and options. After extensive research and interviewing professionals involved in all aspects of end-of-life issues, we are pleased to present our site,, a division of the parent corporation that we formed, Peaceful Endings, Inc. We choose Peaceful Endings because we have other sites in development to address even more end-of-life issues.  We believe that being armed with clear unbiased  trustworthy funeral planning information and undertaking a little pre-planning (not necessarily pre-paying)  we all can have more peaceful endings to our own lives. information is the most complete and unbiased site available on-line, giving visitors the information they need on their own time schedule. Our information is not tainted or biased by ties to the funeral business.  Many sites online are owned by casket manufacturers and funeral home associations or independent funeral homes that give you the facts according to their perspective, and what will help them sell more of their product. Some sites appear not to be affiliated, but if you look closely they are.

Please note we list all providers that we are aware of in our free directories. If a provider wants an enhanced listing, providing additional information about their business or direct e-mail address, pictures, or link to their website we do charge a fee. This enhanced listing is not an endorsement.

We also offer resources at different parts of our site in order to offer some services that customers may be interested in more easily accessible so that you do not have to search all over the web for these items. This is a convenience for you.

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