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Remembrances are a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Once a loved one dies it is natural to want a keepsake or special memento to remember them by.

For those who are pre-planning you have the wonderful opportunity to pre-purchase a specific remembrance item for each of the important people in your life to be given at the time of your death. This can become a very meaningful gesture for a grandchild, daughter, son, niece, nephew or any other chosen family members or even special friends. Another option is to go through some of your belongings and earmark items for specific people.

Even if you are grieving and need to quickly plan a funeral, for another person  you can include special mementos. A favorite picture placed in a nice frame or included with a touching poem or prayer. Thank you cards with a picture of the deceased. A piece of jewelry with something specifically written in remembrance of a loved one, or cremation jewelry that is made to securely hold a portion of the deceased’s ashes, or a secure locket to hold a small piece of your loved one’s hair.

We have listed a few sites above that offer remembrance items you might like to review or purchase. 


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