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If you choose to pre-plan your own funeral, you have entered a win-win situation for yourself. When you pre-plan your own funeral you have the final word on what you would like and how you would like it done. It is also one of the most loving gifts that you can give your family. Family and friends really do want to know what type of funeral or memorial service you would like for yourself. When the end comes, many grief- stricken families agonize over funeral planning decisions. Pre-planning takes this stress away for them. It is also helpful if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or severe injury. Instead of taking care of funeral arrangements and final affairs, you can focus on family, friends, religion, spirituality, etc.

No one likes to think about their own mortality; however, there is an amazing personal benefit to pre-planning: it can help you live a better life. Many people actually end up enjoying pre-planning as they realize they have some great options for funeral planning. It can be tremendously rewarding to step back and take a new look at your life. What were those plans you made so long ago and forgot about? When you plan your funeral you renew your self.

Funeral planning has changed quite a bit from the past. Today you can truly personalize your funeral or memorial service. Modern technology has made it so that you can-almost literally-speak from the grave.

    • Your first decision is whether you prefer burial or cremation. If you choose cremation, you still can have a viewing if you wish. Many funeral homes will rent a casket for the viewing at the funeral home, and then you may instruct your family to purchase a simple container for cremation.
    • The next decision, if you opt for a viewing, is whether you’d like the casket open or closed. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death and the condition of the body, open casket is not always possible.
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