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Immediate Planning

If you have found yourself at this page then you are grieving and in need of impartial, comprehensive funeral planning information, including laws, that outline your rights. You can use this site to help educate yourself and make funeral plans from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

When planning a loved one’s funeral in a short time frame many people feel vulnerable and hurried into quick, hasty decisions. We suggest consulting with other family members or close friends to discuss your options and concerns with them.

The first step in planning a funeral is to determine if the deceased had specific requests or a funeral plan in place. These would be the wishes of the deceased and care should be observed to comply with their requests. You will want to incorporate these requests into your funeral planning. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of people do not have funeral plans in place. As family members, we are left with a seemingly daunting job of creating an appropriate, meaningful send off for our loved one, Fortunately, can help

Please download our planning forms to get started. The first two forms listed (comparison and Immediate Planning funeral checklist) will be particularly helpful to you at this time as they tell you what questions to ask and have space to record the answers. After services take place, you can work on the Final Affairs checklist and forms for assistance with numerous details such as closing accounts, sorting through policies and distribution of assets.

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