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Grief and Loss Information

Grief and Loss in Children - more information

This section talks about the signs of grief,  when and how children grieve, and what parents or guardians can do to help them through their grief.  Information  is organized according to age: preschool, elementary and teenagers. Each of these groups will display different signs of grief due to their age and levels of understanding about the concepts of death and loss. You will also find resources and books for further information.

Grief and Loss in Adults - more information

This informative section helps you identify some of the natural feelings you or someone that you know may be experiencing. It identifies the very common feelings adults have after suffering the loss of a loved one, and helps you to realize you really haven’t lost your mind or gone crazy; but that it takes time to start healing. This section gives you ideas to help you cope and counseling resources if you need a little additional help to heal or have fallen into a deep depression.

Please visit our free forums (Message Board) where you can look at posts that others have made regarding their loss or dealing with other end of life issues. *Please feel free to make comments or to start your own discussion. Many people find it very comforting to join a community of others who are going through similar heartaches and issues at the same time all across the nation and world. You're not alone Click for Message Board.

*Please do not feel intimidated or shy, in using the message boards  Many users have had limited experience in these  online discussions, but they really aren’t difficult to use. just click on the topic  you are interested in, read comments, and then hit reply (if you wish to) and enter your response. You can make up a code name or use your first name and last initial, whatever you are comfortable doing. Or hit new subject  to start your own disscussion,ask a question or make a statement. Give it a try, it may really help.

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