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Cost Cutting Options

  • Absolutely positively compare prices at a minimum of two funeral homes and let them know that you are comparing prices and are aware of your rights under the  FTC Funeral Rule. Consider purchasing our inexpensive planning forms to help you in organizing this information and for a detailed list of what you should ask when you call.

  • Use clothing owned by the deceased rather than purchasing clothes from the funeral home.

  • Ask to see the most inexpensive casket, especially if opting for direct cremation or direct burial.

  • If having a viewing followed by a cremation ask if a rental casket is available for the viewing, and then purchase a simple container for cremation.

  • If having a visitation, consider using the facilities for one day rather than two, or see if you can have a viewing at your church just prior to the service.

  • If you can pre-purchase a burial plot from a reseller, do so but do so with due diligence. Check out credentials and licenses; never send money without checking out the seller and owner of the cemetery.

  • Check pricing of caskets at casket stores or online casket providers.

  • If you choose direct burial or direct cremation with a brief family viewing, the body does not need to be embalmed. Many funeral homes will offer this option at no additional cost. By law the body does not need to be embalmed.

  • Use your own vehicles for transportation rather than purchasing the services of a limo. Ask a friend to drive if you do not feel emotionally ready to drive.

  • Ask a friend or family member with a SUV or pick up truck to transport  flowers from the funeral home to the church rather than paying for a "flower car".

  • Have family members and friends be the pallbearers rather than hiring funeral personnel. It is not necessary to purchase the white gloves. Gloves are not required.

  • Direct cremation - You do not need to purchase an urn if you will be scattering ashes or having a direct burial of the ashes. A simple container is given to you after the cremation.

  • If having a direct burial or direct cremation you can opt for a memorial service at a later date which could be held in a facility that will not charge you a fee.(i.e. public park, community center, church hall)

  • If you will need a printed funeral program, ask a computer savvy relative or friend to design and print them on a home computer.

  • You can hold a memorial service anywhere- in a church meeting room, at the deceased’s home or another family member’s home.  a park, beach, or some other location that would be a good match with the deceased’s personality or way of life. The service could include catered food or potluck style


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