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If you choose to be buried, would you like to be buried in a cemetery plot? If so, do you need more than one cemetery plot in the same location for additional family members? Some people opt for a family headstone and add the names of family members upon their death rather than purchasing multiple headstones or monuments. You also have the option of being buried above ground in a mausoleum. Surprisingly, in many cemeteries this option can be comparable to the cost of burial in a plot once you consider the cost of the plot and monument as well as opening and closing the grave. (Please see our directories)

To compare cost on all options and have a guide of what questions to ask, we suggest you purchase the inexpensive downloadable forms we designed for comparison of funeral services, cremation options, and cemeteries available now by comparison forms. We also include a comprehensive list of items to take care of in regard to your final affairs (financial and personal). In addition our forms offer a system for storing this information. We have compiled over 40 details that will need tending to such as mortgage info, prescription drugs, computer passwords, clothing to wear, etc. These forms clearly indicate and organize important information your family will need and keep it all in one place.

Through pre-planning, you can possibly benefit greatly from purchasing a cemetery plot from another individual or cemetery broker directly. Many times people purchase a cemetery plot then later choose to be cremated, move, or are involved in a divorce, therefore placing the cemetery plot up for sale, possibly at a good discount. Pre-purchasing the cemetery plot or mausoleum gives you time to look at the location before purchase, evaluate the cemetery’s guidelines and rules as well as make sure that the offer is legitimate and the person is licensed. If you choose to pre-purchase a plot directly from a cemetery make sure you find out what type of markers and flowers are allowed and if you can transfer or sell the plot to someone else.

After choosing a plot, keep your deed with your other pre-planning forms or with your other important legal papers. Then be sure someone trustworthy knows where these documents are located.

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