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The concept of this site was initially conceived after I received a phone call one sunny morning from an emergency room nurse informing me that my 41 year old husband and the father of my three small children was having a heart attack. She was brief and to the point. Your husband is having a heart attack please come quick. I was paralyzed - thoughts whirling through my head. While driving to the hospital I never allowed myself to believe that this may end badly, I kept pushing those thoughts away so that I could function. Luckily for us he made it to the hospital in time and came home with me three days later. But on the way home from the hospital I was paralyzed with a thousand thoughts: What if he did not survive? What do we have in place? Did he want to be buried or cremated? What were some of his thoughts he had shared with me over the years, I couldn’t remember. The situation revealed so many issues that we hadn’t addressed with the exception of a hastily put together will the day before a trip. The truth of the matter is that we all hear a little nagging voice whispering from time to time to have our affairs in order, but we don’t address it because, just like during my ride to the hospital, we do not allow ourselves to believe that things are going to end before we are ready.

In researching funeral planning for this site we attended seminars, read books, scoured the internet, and interviewed both ordinary people and professionals knowledgeable in the different aspects of end-of-life issues. We found that people need more information in a simple format. We believe that people should be able to take care of most of their funeral planning online in the privacy of their own home. Funeral home selection, burial or cremation, casket or urn, visitation or memorial service, graveside service, direct burial or direct cremation, religious or secular ceremony, embalming and burial in a cemetery, green burial, or scattering ashes, what type of service, music, poems, readings, eulogy?  Flowers, funeral luncheon, obituary. What, where, and how to best honor your loved one. What laws protect consumers at this difficult time? It can seem overwhelming. When receiving news of the loss of a loved one, families should be able to access information immediately on their time schedule in the comfort of their own homes with no pressure. We aim to be the most complete A to Z web site for immediate need or your own pre-planning needs.

Make your plans as an educated consumer. Our motto is "Plan Death Live Life."

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